Unique and Exhilerating Family Friendly Activities

Discover the Ultimate Family Luxury Getaway in La Quinta

 Nestled in the heart of PGA West, our luxurious homes offer more than just a place to stay; they promise an unforgettable escape into excitement and adventure. From the moment you plan your trip, you'll feel the bespoke touchof our services, including unique in-villa dining, pre-arrival grocery stocking, dining reservations, and personalized daily itineraries tailored just for you. Here are just a few of our favorite e

xperiences that await you:

Sunset Poolside Paella Party

Imagine the warm hues of sunset enveloping the sky as you and your loved ones gather around the pool, indulging in a vibrant and flavorful Paella Party. This is not just dining; it's an event, a celebration of flavors, family, and the breathtaking backdrop of La Quinta. The sizzle of the paella pan, the laughter of loved ones, and the serene setting create an evening you'll never forget.

4-Hands Fireside Massage

Elevate your relaxation with our exclusive 4-Hands Fireside Massage, a symphony of tranquility and warmth that promises to soothe your soul and melt away the stress. As the fire crackles and the evening air whispers around you, two skilled therapists work in harmony to provide a massage experience like no other. This is the ultimate way to unwind, surrounded by the comfort of your luxurious villa.

Private Hummer Tour - Stunning Joshua Tree

Adventure awaits with our Private Hummer Tour of the stunning Joshua Tree National Park. Experience the rugged beauty of the desert, where the sky touches the earth, in the comfort of your own private Hummer. This is your chance to explore the untamed landscapes, marvel at the unique flora, and capture memories that will last a lifetime. It's not just a tour; it's an adventure that brings the family together.

VIP Cabana @ El Dorado Polo Club

Step into the world of high society with our VIP Cabana experience at the El Dorado Polo Club. Feel the excitement in the air as majestic horses and skilled players engage in the timeless sport of polo. From the comfort of your exclusive cabana, enjoy the best views, exquisite service, and a glimpse into the glamorous side of sports. It's a day of luxury, excitement, and elegance that the whole family will adore.

5-Day Golf Boot Camp with a Pro

For the golf enthusiasts in your family, our 5-Day Golf Boot Camp with a professional is the ultimate experience. Elevate your game on the very courses that make La Quinta a golfer's paradise. This intensive boot camp is designed to challenge and improve your skills, offering personalized coaching, advanced techniques, and insider tips from a golf pro. It's more than just training; it's a journey to becoming the best golfer you can be.

Ride the Cove

Ride through La Quinta Cove and enjoy its breathtaking trails with friends and family. This picturesque path offers stunning desert landscapes, vibrant flora, and rugged mountains. It's an experience filled with shared laughter and lasting memories, connecting everyone with nature’s tranquility and beauty. A perfect blend of adventure and bonding, making every pedal worthwhile.

A promise of unforgettable experiences, family bonding, and the joy of discovering new adventures together. Connect with us, and let's start planning your luxurious family getaway to La Quinta.

Ride the La Quinta Cove